Turnaround Gaming®

Exciting simulation games based on scientific research

Our customers

Turnaround Professionals

We train professionals in quickly enhancing their turnaround skills. Our science-based method  has proven remarkably effective in switching paradigms and subsequently finding pivotal solutions.

We work with insolvency lawyers, accountants and consultants around the globe sharing knowledge and bringing expertise to a higher level. We offer training programs ranging from 1 to 5 days combining theory and practice in an exciting, dynamic yet academic learning environment.

Business leaders and trainees

We train business leaders and trainees at highly successful multinational companies. By simulating real-life crisis situations we test and develop their entrepreneurial, team play and negotiation skills. Are your top-notch managers and young talents really able to handle crisis situations? Are they able to turnaround a company themselves? How do they behave when faced with time-pressure and the risk of losing everything?

Our science based method has proven remarkably effective in switching paradigms and subsequently giving remarkable insights into the workings of organizational decline and turnaround dilemmas.

Upon request we develop tailor-made turnaround simulation games based on your own company or one of its subsidiaries.

Restructuring bankers

We have vast experience in training restructuring bankers around the globe. We use state-of-the-art teaching techniques including simulation-gaming to help bankers gain better understanding of corporate decline complexity, successful turnaround strategies, as well as negotiating and decision-making in a turnaround context.

We have worked with restructuring bankers from among others London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Riga, Berlin, Shanghai, Lusaka, Paris and Barcelona.


We travel around the globe to work with talented students from business, law and leadership programs including MBA’s.

Early understanding of the complexity of business turnaround situations helps students in their career development. Most business, law and leadership programs only focus on the bright side of business. We bridge the gap using exciting turnaround simulation games focusing on the dark side. What happens when fellow students all of a sudden become distressed managers, bankers, lenders or advisors? Are they able to strike a deal under pressure? Will they be off-set by emotions? Or is it simply business as usual…?

Our core values


Turnaround Gaming® is a subsidiary of Turnaround PowerHouse® which was founded by professor Jan Adriaanse of Leiden University. Our serious games are based on the latest insights from scientific research.


We take pride in constantly innovating our methods and cases by welcoming and using customer feedback.


Creativity in finding solutions is a key pillar for us. Taking an entrepreneurial perspective in tackling challenges at hand has proven to give us great insight in developing the company.


Serious gaming allows participants to truly experience learning-objectives rather than simply study in the traditional sense. This is the reason why we exist.