Turnaround Gaming®  is a subsidiary of Turnaround PowerHouse®, a globally active training and advisory institute focusing on corporate renewal and turnaround leadership. The institute was founded in 2011 by Jan Adriaanse who is professor of Turnaround Management and director of the Turnaround, Rescue & Insolvency Research Team at Leiden University. Our simulation games are based on the latest insights from scientific turnaround research and are developed by turnaround, strategy and financial professionals with both academic and practical experience.

Turnaround Management

A turnaround may be defined as the recovery of a firm’s economic performance following an existence-threatening decline. A successful recovery, in its most subdued form, may involve mere survival with economic performance only just acceptable to the firm’s various stakeholders. On the other hand, in its most positive form, the recovery may lead to the firm achieving sustainable, superior competitive positions. Turnaround Management is the academic and practical discipline that focuses on achieving the desired turnaround state.

Financial Models

In our turnaround games we often use sophisticated financial forecasting models to develop reliable management information and effective key performance indicators during the game.

Harvard Negotiation

The mission of Harvard’s ongoing negotiation project is to improve the theory and practice of conflict resolution and negotiation by working on real world conflict intervention, theory building, education and training, and writing and disseminating new ideas. Our turnaround games are based on latest insights from Harvard negotiation theory.

Serious Gaming

Serious gaming involves the use of concepts derived from entertainment games for non-entertainment purposes such as for research, policy and decision-making, training and learning. Serious gaming often combines analogue (classroom) techniques and social interaction with state of the art game and simulation technology. The behavior of complex systems, such as turnaround situations, can be modeled and simulated in various ways for decision-making. Serious gaming is the only method where real people – as actors or stakeholders – can be an intrinsic part of a model.