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Gaming in Rwanda

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In 2014, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) started the Rwanda Business Life Cycle Project with funds from the Investment Climate Facility for Africa. Turnaround Powerhouse® and Turnaround Gaming® have been involved for more than one year to create awareness in Rwanda on insolvency and turnaround management and to train stakeholders, like judges, insolvency professionals, bankers and accountants.

An important part of our training was the workout game we played. The participants worked in 6 teams (owners, banks and trade creditors) to avoid bankruptcy for a hotel-casino group.

By playing our science based simulation game with stakeholders in Rwanda, we learned them how to deal with negotiations in turnaround situations. And Turnaround Gaming got to know the Land of a Thousand Hills and we love it. We also learned the eagerness of the professionals we met and the willingness to contribute to the corporate development of Rwanda.


Turongera, Rwanda!


Jan Adriaanse & Arnoud Griffioen