What do you do when you receive a letter from your tenant forcing you to accept a rent-free period combined with major cuts in future rental payments? What do you do as union representative when 10.000 shop workers are about to lose their jobs? What is your strategy as company management when your shareholder is about to pull the plug? And what do you do as turnaround advisor to this retail company when hired to save it from corporate death?

V&D is a well-known Dutch department store represented in more than 60 major shopping areas in The Netherlands. Founded in 1887 the company is nevertheless currently fighting against bankruptcy following more than 20 years of losses.

This nerve-wracking game takes participants to the workout negotiations that recently took place at the V&D headquarters in Amsterdam. Using real-life facts it gives insight in the actual events that took place. The game simulates the V&D workout and sharpens negotiations skills of participants. By playing this game participants get a better understanding of turnaround complexity and turnaround skills are meanwhile trained. The underlying assumptions of the game are based on latest insights from scientific turnaround research.

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